I love simplicity.

For the first years of my adult life i didn`t really think about how good it feels to have less, or at least not more than what you need. I was stuck with the mindset that things are a good thing, and you can never have enough things. And later, when i actually could afford to buy stuff, i wantedstuff i liked.

So the years past by, and we had more and more things, things we liked, things we didn`t like, things we didn`t needed and so on.

And then we had kids.

They needed things to.

So for a couple of years i spent my life putting away things, and they never really had a home. And even though some of them were nice to look at, they weren`t that nice to look at standing beside a pile of paper.

Finally one day enough was enough, and i asked Google what to do. A new world opend up. I never knew there was such a wonderfull word as decluttering.

I`ve been decluttering and organizingfor about 2 years now, more or less. It may seem like a long time, but it really never ends.

Now we even have some space, and no need to fill it up with funitures.

I made this blog so icantrackmy progress.Its nice to share good ideas or if they are bad, one could at least get some feedback.

And i LOVE Organizing blogs so i wanted one for myself to:)


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